10 Amazing Gifts for Beagle Owners – Certified Adorable!

This post was most recently updated on February 11th, 2020

Since the holidays are just around the corner, many of us are already mental planning about gifts and presents. If you have a friend or loved one who is also a paw-rent, you’re probably thinking of getting a present that both he and the doggo would love. Personally, I’m looking for gifts for Beagle owners that are guaranteed to be adorable. Since Beagles ranked 6th as AKC’s most popular breed, I’m sure that a lot of us know an owner or two.

Let’s get passed the keychains here. Beagle themed gifts are everywhere that it’s almost a sin not to find a good one. Beagles have a strong nose and you should too when it comes to finding presents for their hoomans.

To help you out, here are some of the gift ideas I’ve gathered after months of indulging on cute doggo stuff:

1. For those who want to keep their doggo’s close to their hearts: Beagle necklace

If you’re looking for a shiny and bedazzled gift, there’s no best option but this Beagle necklace. A Beagle owner would be delighted to wear his pooch close to her heart. It’s made of black, brown, and clear crystals that are worn on a nice chain. This looks classy and dog moms would definitely love to wear it every day.

Since the Beagle pendant comes in a box and pouch, it’s perfect for gift-giving. For a woman with a special Beagle pup, this would be a gift they would cherish. I personally love the sparkle of this necklace. And although it’s affordable, it doesn’t look cheap. This is perfect for both kids and adults who are in love with the energetic pooches.

This necklace gift comes as a perfect match if you’re also planning to give out shirts or sweaters for the holidays. Excellent gifts for Beagle owners, right? Also, we have a Beagle scarf listed here which would be an excellent pair for this gift – you might want to check it out!

2. For those who enjoy morning cuppas with their Beagles: Beagle mug

Does your friend have a four-legged alarm clock that licks and barks? This Beagle mug would surely give him or her a chuckle. The print says “All I care about is my Beagle… and like maybe 3 people.” It’s a perfect present for an introvert who owns a Beagle pooch.

It’s also one of the excellent gifts for Beagle owners who love drinking their coffee while their doggos keep a close look. This mug is made of high-grade white orca ceramic that’s microwave and dishwasher-safe. There are graphic prints on both sides, so regardless if your friend is a leftie or not, he or she gets to flaunt the message.

This Beagle mug is a great and safe option if you’re not sure what your friend likes. Since everyone is into hot and cold drinks, this gift would surely serve its purpose.

To make it more fun, you can stuff the mug with Beagle magnet, premium ground coffee, chocolates, and other stuff that your friend will enjoy. And since this already comes in a box, it will be easy-peasy to gift wrap.

gifts for Beagle owners

3. For both the hooman and the doggo: leash holder

Beagles love going for long and brisk walks. And since they have strong noses and urges to wander, a dog leash and a holder would be the perfect gift. This dog leash holder can also be a key and coat rack for the whole household. It’s made of wrought iron that’s powder-coated for the best finish. It bears a silhouette of a small dog that makes one of the best gifts for Beagle owners.

A leash holder isn’t complete without the leash itself. The one from BAAPET is an excellent choice for a durable and long-lasting leash. It’s made of ½” rock climbing rope with a strong metal clip hook in the end. Meanwhile, the handle is padded with finger-contouring fabric. With its durable nature, your friend’s Beagle will grow with this leash.  This is perfect for long walks or outdoor adventures.

If you want a different leash, make sure that you check the material and length. It’s also excellent to get a leash that glows in the dark so these wandering pooches will have added safety. Together, it makes great gifts for Beagle owners.

4. For endless Beagle cuddles: Stuffed Beagle plush toy

If you know a kid who loves Beagles, Brittany the Dog would be a great gift. It’s also a perfect choice if you want a present that will also delight the pooch. This is a very huggable plush toy plus the face is shaped to look closely like a Beagle. As one of the Beagle themed gifts, this is best for ages 3 and up.

The stuffed plush is filled with soft polypropylene filling and contained in a durable polyester fabric. It has passed safety standards and cleared to be free of BPA and other toxic substances.

Since this strongly sewn, it can also be a stuffed friend for the Beagle pup. It’s the size of an actual Beagle puppy which would delight a pooch this holiday season. This will also be a perfect addition to the living room.

If you have a friend that’s going to be away this Christmas, this stuffed Beagle toy would be an awesome gift so he won’t miss his doggo. It’s life-like and even the hard head resembles a skull inside.

5. For keeping the hooman warm: Beagle-printed scarf

As the winter approaches, everyone is getting their scarves and coats. One of the best ways to warm the heart of a Beagle owner is to give him a Beagle-printed scarf. It’s a very useful gift that your friend or loved one will enjoy using at home, office, or anywhere they are going all year round.

The one from Lina & Lily is my favorite. It comes in pink, gray, and navy blue colors (this is my favorite!) fabric studded with little Beagle prints. This can be looped twice while still being comfy. In fact, this is made of lightweight and super soft polyester fabric. It’s not limpy or stringy like other cheap scarfs. This stays fluffy to accentuate the outfit of the wearer.

Every Beagle owner would love this scarf. Aside from the premium material, the prints also hold pretty well despite multiple washes. Kids and adults alike would like this scarf. Pair it with other gifts for Beagle owners and you’re guaranteed to make a paw-rent happy this holiday season.

gifts for Beagle owners

6. For sharing the good boy points: Beagle tie

The good boy wants his hooman to wear him on his way to work! For your male friends who love Beagles, one unique gift you can give them is a Beagle-woven tie. With this, they can wear their pooch at work with pride.

The tie is made of pure blue silk where the little Beagle images are woven. Since it’s not printed, this is guaranteed to last long. This is a tasteful tie since it keeps the professional look while adding the cute images of their favorite pooch.

Your friend will love this as one of the Beagle themed gifts that they can use for years. Although it’s a bit on the steep side, you’re assured of quality for the present you’re going to give out.  This premium gift is worth the money, especially if your friend isn’t into something novelty.

A Beagle tie can be paired with a wine holder. This suave pair will be highly appreciated and used for many holidays to come.

7. For a Beagle-filled Christmas: Beagle ornament

Big or small, gifts are always appreciated. If your friend already has it all, a simple gift like the Beagle ornament would be a perfect choice. They can hang it on their Christmas tree to honor their good Beagle boy. It’s also a great way to send your greetings of happy holidays to the Beagle-loving member of your family.

This Christmas ornament is made of real crushed stone that’s bonded with resin. You can include this small present in a box filled with other delights like a scarf, dog treats, holiday decorations, and so on. This is a magical gift straight from the well-known makers of designer resin figures.

You can get multiple pieces of this décor to give each dog parent that you know. Since it also comes in different breeds, this will be a fun and versatile choice. This will surely bring back memories each time your loved one put this on their tree. For such an affordable price, this is one of the best gifts for Beagle owners.

8. For bringing the Beagle stuff anywhere: Dog tote bag

Headed for a getaway this holiday? You can send out dog totes to your friends and family members who will be on vacation. It’s like bringing their pooch everywhere and celebrating their love for their amazing doggo.

This humble tote comes in white medium weight canvas that’s perfect for running errands. It feels like a durable bag and stylish enough to match almost every casual outfit. This bag can accommodate collapsible bowls, kibble, treats, leash, and more. If your friend loves carrying his doggo on travels, this will be a heartfelt gift for such a very affordable price.  And even if they can’t bring their Beagles with them, they still get to sport a cute pooch on their bag.

Personally, I love how sturdy the stitching and handles of these Beagle themed gifts are. As one of the best gifts for Beagle owners, it holds up well even with heavy stuff inside. However, this isn’t made as a grocery bag. Just a medium-sized bag for going outdoors. If you want to up the gift-giving spirit, you can fill it with other Beagle stuff like a leash, holder, mug, and ornament I’ve listed above. If you hate gift wrapping, a tote filled with more gifts is a good idea.

9. For a doggo-filled wine party: Beagle wine holder

Is your friend a certified wine lover? Make his wine drinking hobby more special with this Beagle wine holder. This cute holder sports a cute Beagle pup with an open mouth. So when you put a wine bottle, it seems like the pooch is trying to uncork it. This will add flair and fun to his wine bar collection!

This is made from cold cast resin with a painting that looks like a realistic Beagle. It’s one of the gifts for Beagle owners that will last for years. They can also repaint this holder to match the markings on their dog’s coat.

This is both a funny and hearty gift that combines your friend’s two passions: his Beagle and wine. It also resembles the playfulness of Beagles and their urge to explore things. This gift will make a perfect center table on Christmas Eve. Everyone will wonder who that doggy on the table is!

For such an affordable price, there’s no excuse not to send such adorable Beagle themed gifts to a loved one.

gifts for Beagle owners

10. For Beatles and Beagles lovers alike: The “Beagles” Shirt

Do you have a friend who loves puns and Beagles? If that’s the case, you already found the perfect gift. The Beagles shirt (which is a funny take on The Beatles) will surely make your friend laughing. It sports four Beagles crossing the Abbey Road. This hilarious present won’t just be funny, it can also be worn.

This shirt is made of pure cotton for guaranteed comfort. It comes in five colors and various sizes for men, women, and kids. Aside from the material, the print is made cool and long-lasting using the 3D technology. Even you might want one this Christmas!

The Beagle shirt is best paired with a scarf or mug if you want to make a gift basket. You can also send it inside the tote bag listed above. Whatever it is, the print will add a nice touch of creativity.

It may seem too early to look for gifts for Beagle owners, but in a matter of two weeks, you’ll be cramming to complete your shopping list. If you have a close friend or loved one who loves Beagles, this list would give you enough ideas to make them happy this Christmas.

If you are looking for more guides on Beagles’, be sure to check out our article on best dog food for Beagle puppies along with diet advice and also our Master Class on Obedience Training for Beagles. Do share your thoughts in comments.

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