15 Tricks on How to Make Your New Puppy Love You

This post was most recently updated on February 14th, 2021

Bringing home a new four-legged friend? Getting a new pup is a new responsibility and another journey to pawrenthood. Aside from being prepared, you’re probably wondering: how to make your puppy love you. This little pooch will be spending his entire life with you and your family. It’s important that both of you have a good start.

Forging a life-long friendship with your new pooch starts the moment you lay eyes on him. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight with puppy? This may not always be requited right away. You have to build trust, respect, and then love. With the right warm-up period, that little buddy of yours will soon surrender to a cozy snuggle or a playful booping.

1. Don’t assume

If you’re the type who will come zooming in with a hug to every pup you see, you have to stop. For puppies, you’re a creepy stranger that will squeeze their bodies to death. Slow your roll, buddy. Not all dogs will like you at first meeting. Still, you can find ways on how to make your puppy love you.

Remember that each pup is shaped by what it experienced in its early life. If his previous owner is violent, they will hate you for being so gaudy. It helps to ask about the history of the pup if it’s a rescued dog. That way, you can avoid stuff that will make them hate you.

For starters, let him lick and sniff your fingers. This is his way of building familiarity with your smell.

2. Body language

You have to watch both your and the pup’s body language. Dogs don’t speak, but their movements convey what they feel. The wiggling of the body is a positive sign of the enthusiasm to interact. I

If the pup licks his mouth and yawns when meeting you, it’s a sign that he’s under stress.

You might need to stop petting him or you have to take a few steps back. Doing this will make the dog realize that you’re not a threat. Don’t stare the pup in the eyes or loom over him. If you are to approach your new pup, sit on his level and maintain distance. When the pup backs out, don’t go after him.

how to make your puppy love you

3. Three-second rule

If you want to know where you and your pup are in terms of closeness, perform the three-second rule. Rub his cheek for three seconds and then stop. If the pooch leans over as an effort for you to continue, you have a nice head start. That’s how to make your new puppy love you.

Take note that even the most contact-driven pups may decline a pet from a stranger.

The desire for petting is a situational matter. If the pup is in the mood, he might be very friendly. It’s all in the way you approach that the dog will decide whether you are worth their affection. If the pooch withdraws, don’t lose hope, there more ways here.

4. Avoid close-contact right away

The worst thing you can do to a new pup is to loom over him. Once you bring him home for the first time, sit down instead of standing tall. The height is a threatening gesture to your new doggo. The last thing you want is him hiding in a corner to avoid you.

If you see your pup for the first time on the store or rescue center, don’t hold him up right away. Any close contact can make or break your chance of winning the heart of your pup.

Build your rapport slowly with these ways on how to make your puppy love you. Soon, your pooch will try to approach you.

5. Be his defender

Is your new pup afraid of fireworks? Or is he scared of the vacuum? Being there for him to be his defender will win you tons of love points. At that moment, your puppy will realize that you are his comfort zone. Whenever he feels afraid, he will choose to go to you. That will be the start of forming your bond with that little buddy.

Comfort your pup whenever he’s afraid. Puppyhood is the stage when dogs develop their fears toward things.

If you are there to prove that the vacuum isn’t harmful, you can help him defeat his premature fears. It may come as a surprise, but in the future, your dog might be the one to be there for you during your down times. That’s how to make your puppy love you.

6. Let him in your bedroom

From being confined in a small crate to being transferred to a house, your place will look like a frightening castle. Let your pup sleep with you in your bedroom. If he’s more welcoming, you can even let him hop into the bed and snuggle with you. This is a good way on how to make your new puppy love you.

Until she settles in, let the pooch accompany you at night. This will make them feel a sense of belonging and bond between the two of you.

However, as soon as the pup feels comfy at your home, you may want to give him his own private space. This is so he won’t wake you up in the middle of the night. It will also satisfy your dog’s territorial nature.

7. Be a fun hooman

Puppies like fun hoomans! Puppy training is a serious task, but you should also let some time for you and your dog to let loose. Play with him or chase with him.

This physical bonding will help him be at ease with you even more. Your little acts of love don’t go unnoticed.

Also, stimulate his mind. Challenge your pooch to do little tasks. Aside from being a bonding moment, it will also serve as a fun training. When it comes to little pooches, you need to keep training engaging by making it look like playtime.

If you stay a boring and serious pawrent, your pup will soon channel his attention to other things. Digging and chewing, for example.

8. Your presence is appreciated

If you really want to know how to make your puppy love you, presence is an important aspect. You need to make your new puppy feel that you are his alpha. If you’re leaving him during the day for work, make sure that you’ll give him time once you get home.

A connection is a two-way street. You shouldn’t expect your dog to love you just because you’re feeding and grooming him.

Puppies love being the center of attention. If you let them shine on their moment, you’re slowly building a stronger bridge, not a wall.

This is a give and take situation. You want his attention? Give him yours and work your way from there.

9. Bring him to morning walks

Doggos love outdoor walks! It allows them to explore the bigger world outside of your apartment or house. They get to sniff new scents and encounter other people. Also, making them part of your routine is a good way to strengthen your bond with your pet.

You can stop on a park and play with your pup. That’s how to make your puppy love you!

Take Frisbees, tug toys, and treats with you. This will make your morning walks something to look forward to.

If it’s raining and you can’t go out, play with him instead or let him pace on the treadmill with you.

Building an inclusive routine will make your pup realize that you are his family. It may take time but it’s worth it as a way on how to make your new puppy love you.

how to make your puppy love you

10. Keep calm

No puppy likes to be shouted at. If the pooch has done something wrong, never raise your voice or worse, hit him. Just be firm with what you’re saying to let him know that you’re upset. Be as patient as you can. If the pup proves to have behavioral issues, you’ll need to start training. This can still be a perfect avenue for the two of you to bond and find your click.

How to make your puppy love you: Always speak in a calm tone and watch your body language.

Any sudden movement is frightening for your pooch. Don’t throw things around. If he has been a bad boy, retrieve his toys and don’t let him play with it for a day.

11. Make him tired

A tired dog is a happy dog!

Take your pup in a walk, let him run, play with him, and do other things that will burn his energy. Doing this will satisfy their energy and mental stimulation requirements. Since you’re making them feel good, they are going to seek your companionship.

Still, be watchful if he’s going overboard. As much as you want to be a fun pawrent, don’t let behavioral problems thrive during playtime. Teach him to respect you while winning his heart. That way, you become the alpha and he follows your commands.

Take note, however, that not all pups are balls of energy. Basset Hounds and Chow Chows are more of a couch potato but it doesn’t mean they can’t goof around.

12. Give him love

To gain love, you have to give love first. Being a doting hooman pays off as your pooch grows. Always make him feel safe in your presence. Give him all his needs and be there at this side during his vet visits. Being his shoulder during the vulnerable times is a good way on how to make your puppy love you.

Learn what your dog loves doing and do more of it.

Just make sure that it won’t be harmful to the pup and it won’t result in behavioral issues. If he likes harassing the neighbor’s cat, chewing plants, or barking at people, you may have to be more creative.

You can put a sandbox on the garden so he no longer resorts to chewing the plants. Also, you can introduce them to other people to him so he wouldn’t bark next time.

13. Bring out treats

A way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach. Yes, all puppies I’ve seen in the past will yield to a calm pawrent who has treats on his hand. Whenever your pup does something good, hand a small treat right away. These little bits of food make a mark on them. However, don’t let the treats turn into bribes.

Play with your pup, and when he fetched a toy, give him a reward. Slowly switch to affection as a reward.

In no time, that pooch will be longing for your petting and kisses. Slowly but surely, you’ll know how to make your puppy love you.

It also pays to listen to what your dog is trying to say. If he ignores you, he’s probably heartsick for being left alone the whole day. Make it up to him. Give him a small treat or let him play with his toy.

14. Call his name

How to make your new puppy love you? When humans are on a first-name basis, they are probably good friends already. Always call your pup by its name all the time. When he responds, give him a treat. Do this randomly but not always with a treat. Try petting or kisses.

It’s best to make your pup receptive of any form of reward.

Naming your dog is a move of making him part of the family. It’s like naming your kid, but this time, they won’t complain if it sounds nasty.

15. Touch them

Pet them, cuddle them, and kiss them. Building a physical bond with your puppy is an important part of winning his affection. He may loathe it at first, but only a single firecracker boom will send him scurrying to your side.

Puppies are still building their interest and fears. If you get them used to restraint at an early age, they will be more affectionate as adult dogs.

Like humans, dogs also appreciate a physical way of showing affection. If they give you dog kisses, give it back twice.

If you’re a first-time dog owner, knowing how to make your puppy love you can be a daunting task. But be patient and consistent with your affection, and soon enough, you will be your pup’s best friend. You will soon enjoy years of adventure with your new buddy.

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