A Master Class on Obedience Training for Beagles

They love sniffing, running, and barking. What’s not to love about Beagles? They are adorable little guys who never run out of things to explore. They are also affectionate pups that will be loyal to their families. But as much as they can steal the heart of just about anyone, they can also become stubborn. Their strong sense of smell can get the best of them. With that, obedience training for Beagles during their puppyhood is very crucial.

Like humans, you have to start them early. There’s a misconception that Beagles are one of the “less smart” breeds. But as far as owners and trainers are concerned, this is far from the truth. If trained well, they can be attentive and obedient doggos. In fact, some Beagles are military buddies when it comes to sniffing contrabands in the airport.

If you have a Beagle pup, read on.

The basics

Beagles can be easy to train if you know what you want as the owner. You can start training a Beagle pup as early as 8 weeks upon birth. However, it’s important to keep the session light and playful. Pups love playing and if the training seems tiring and less interesting, your doggo will just wander off your watch.

In case the training session with the pup isn’t going well, finish it with one thing they can do perfectly. Reward them afterward to keep the fun attached to following commands.

For the obedience aspect, it’s important to maintain a certain environment. Consistency is the key to dampen their overly energetic and active nature. If you practice patience with training, your Beagle will be devoted to you for the rest of his life.

Remember that the Beagle’s brain is ruled by their sense of smell. No matter how hard you keep them hooked in training, a strong smell can snatch their attention like a smooth criminal. They can get distracted fast. You can use the fanciest gadgets and tools, but without the right approach, you’re bound to fail. For starters, make sure that you have the following during the obedience training for Beagles:

➕Distraction-free training place

➕A long line

➕Leash, collar, or vest

➕A clicker

➕A bag of treats, small enough to be eaten fast

This stuff will get clearer as we progress with the methods here.

Purpose of training your Beagle

Before we move on, let’s answer this question first: Why do you have to train your Beagle? Well, almost every dog owner would find training as a default need for every breed. As for Beagles, obedience and focus are the main goals.

Beagles are people pleasers. They want to make you happy, but they don’t know how to do it yet.

They might bring dried leaves or bark to catch your attention. And if you want to channel this enthusiasm, you have to subject them to training. A little patience will go a long way for this breed.

Training your Beagle pup as early as possible is important in behavior correction. If yours is the type that howls and chews out of nothing, it’s possible that the pooch has behavioral issues. Make sure that you get physical conditions ruled out first before starting obedience training for Beagles.

Take note: the goal here is to “correct”, not to “punish” rude behavior of Beagle pups.

Another purpose of training your Beagle is to teach him new tricks. Admit it or not, you’d want your pooch to be the star when someone visits your house. With a few tricks on his sleeves, it would be a plus point for you as the pet owner.

Lastly, Beagle training is about instilling to the dog that good behavior gets rewarded and bad behavior gets nothing. That’s how you shape a Beagle to follow and please you.

obedience training for Beagles

When to consider obedience school for Beagles

Tapping the help of obedience school for Beagles is a great choice for beginners. The first sessions are crucial and you’d want to make it right. Training experts will expose your Beagle to more dogs where he will learn to socialize. Also, the trainer will get to correct bad behavior as it arises.

The best thing about enrolling your pup in an obedience school is you also learn how to handle training. You get to observe how rude behaviors are dealt with and how the reward is given. Most trainers would extend the courtesy of walking you through the methods they use. In short, it’s a training not just for your pup, but also for you as the dog owner.

Obedience schools are primers for your dog.

There, your pooch can learn to sit, fetch, and stay. It’s up to you if you want to take on the training at home or continue with professional help. Most dog owners would take it from there and continue obedience training for Beagles at home. If you decide to do the same, here are three of the methods I guarantee to work for Beagle pups.

Home training methods

These home training methods work for most Beagles. However, your approach and consistency will play a major role in the success of these tricks:

Food motivation method

Concentration drill method

Clicker training method

Food motivation method

Dog food that’s smelly and delicious is every Beagle’s weakness. You can actually use this weakness as your strength as the trainer. Start by using the treat as a lure to catch the doggo’s attention. Still, don’t give the food just yet.

Once you have your dog’s attention, move the treat up and then arch it to his back. This way, your Beagle’s butt will touch the floor in a sitting position. Once the pooch did sit, say a lively “Yes” and give the treat right away.

Next, take your dog on a walk. If he stopped pulling after you signaled him, say another “Yes” and give a treat. As you see, our goal here is to associate both the verbal and food reward with positive behavior. This is how obedience training for Beagles is done.

Later on, when the Beagle is responding well to 90% of the commands, we can start skipping the food treat and replace it with affection.

If you observe that your dog is starting to learn some of your simple drills, it’s time to associate a word for it. For example, if you show him a treat and sits even before you arch it back, let out a clear “sit”. Do this every time you want him to sit down.

Once your Beagle is getting the hang of it, start decreasing the treats. If previously we’re giving treats every sit, now we’re going to give it after two sits. As days go by, increase the number of sits per reward. Sooner or later, you can ditch the whole treats from the obedience training for Beagles.

This same concept applies to other skills like fetch, come, and other complex skills.

Concentration drill method

One of the major obedience skills every Beagle owner wants to achieve is concentration. This breed has a bad case of poor attention span, especially if they pick up a smell mid-training. Before you start the concentration method, I suggest that you burn the extra energy first. Take him to a long walk or play fetch for a few minutes.

Use a long leash when doing this. You couldn’t risk losing your boy just because he followed a scent or he got too excited while on the road. Avoid using a flexi-leash as this only encourages the Beagle to pull than to go back.

It can be very difficult to make a Beagle concentrate. I suggest that you start indoors where there is no grass to sniff.

Put up animal tracks and lures that he should follow to retrieve the treats. If the first sessions yield negative results, stop and play mentally stimulating games instead. Play fetch and then reward the pooch when he goes back with the toy. Stop randomly and let your pooch wait until you throw the toy again. Ask him to sit still for a while, a small way of improving concentration.

Once your Beagle got the idea of play fetch, put some distractions on his way. It could be another toy. When he fetches the wrong toy, do not reward.

Clicker training method

A lot of dog training experts and owners have attested to the efficiency of dog clicker training. The premise here is to associate the clicking sound to the unlocking of the treat. So for every satisfied command, you click first and then give the treat right away. Always click first before giving the treat; otherwise, it won’t serve its purpose.

When you’re trying to get your Beagle to sit, click right away the moment his butt touches the ground. This way, your pup will realize that a good deed is equal to a “clicker point” and a reward. If he doesn’t hear a click that means there is no reward and he probably did the wrong thing. With that, he will do as you please during the obedience training for Beagles.

Clicker training can be a great start to teach your dog how to put its paw on your hand, sit, fetch, and other things. As you progress, you can level up the tasks to more complicated steps like going through a trail without knocking the markings off. Soon, you can start decreasing the treats like how you do it in the food motivation method – slowly but surely.

It’s very, very important to click only when the dog does a good thing. If you do it out of the blue, the clicker will soon lose its appeal to the pooch. Your Beagle may start ignoring the click

If you think you can’t handle clicker training well, the help of obedience school for Beagles will be handy. Try to observe how it’s done and where you did it wrong before.

obedience training for Beagles

Obedience school for Beagles tips for enrolling

If you decide to enroll your pooch to a formal obedience training for Beagles, make sure that you keep the following points in

➕Choose a puppy school attached to an Obedience Club. This is a matter of personal preference, but if you’re planning your Beagle to be trained for long, this setup would ensure continuity. A puppy school in partnership with an obedience club will have a holistic training approach from puppyhood to adulthood.

➕Call the school. Before you personally head to the school, make sure that you call them first. If they seem unknowledgeable of the breed, look for another option. Every time you get a negative response, move on to another school.

➕Ask for food reward permission. Puppy schools are typically made for all breeds. If you’re planning to enroll your pooch, ask if they allow food rewards. If not, look for another school. Food motivation is so far the most effective mode of training for Beagles.

➕Ask if they specialize on the breed. Choose a school that has experience training Beagle puppies. You shouldn’t gamble with a hit-and-miss approach.

➕Ask for their fees. As much as you want to get the best training for your Beagle, the fees shouldn’t break your bank. Always try to find a school for obedience training for Beagles with the right bargain of results and cost.


Never believe someone who says Beagles can be trained. These little pooches might be stubborn at first, but they can be taught to pay attention and follow commands. It’s true that they aren’t blindly obedient, but it doesn’t mean they are not up to please their owners. With the right approach and consistency, they will yield to training. Obedience school for Beagles is always available to help you out.

Remember that Beagles won’t do the same thing for 10 minutes straight. Once it gets boring, they will lose interest in it.

No matter if you’re doing home training or puppy school, make sure that every task has a purpose to it. Variety and challenge are what makes Beagles hook to the tasks.

Obedience training for Beagles can be a hard task but it’s not impossible. Always practice patience and enthusiasm so your pooch will also imbibe the same mood. Little by little, you’re surely going to see results.

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