10 Indestructible Dog Toys for Every Ruff Game (Buying Guide Included!)

This post was most recently updated on July 24th, 2019

Dogs are playful by nature. This explains why the dog toy industry is exploding with tons of options. From plushies to interactive toys, pet owners have a lot to choose from. What if you have an aggressive chewer? This is where indestructible dog toys come handy.

KONG Extreme
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Here, I picked and reviewed 10 of the best toys that bear my dogs’ approval stamp:

MY TOP PICK: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Product Name: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Product Description: If there’s a quintessential indestructible toy, it would be KONG Extreme. I’ve personally bought this for my pooch many times and it never fails to prove itself.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Quality & Durability
  • Playtime Score
  • Safety


This dog toy is made with a durable rubber that helps soothe gums and clean teeth. And since it has a hollow middle, I can stuff treats or some dog frosting inside. I also use it as a fetch stick.

This is available in small, medium, and large sizes to suit dogs across ages and breeds.


✔️Made with durable rubber

✔️Hollow middle for stuffing treats

✔️Perfect for power chewers


❌Chemical smell at first (I washed it and it went away)

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

indestructible dog toysDoes your dog love chasing bouncing balls? I recommend the Chuckit! Ultra Ball. This is made from a durable but natural fiber that can float even on water. You can use this as a fetch ball or a toy while your dog swims in the pool.

Chuckit! also sells a separate launcher in case you want an easy way to throw it. Anyway, this ball has the size of a tennis ball.

I like that its orange part adds visibility to the ball when we’re playing on the field. It’s also easy to wipe or wash after each playtime.


✔️Easy to see even in large fields

✔️High bounce

✔️Very durable rubber




❌A bit heavier than tennis balls



Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring

indestructible dog toysAnother one of my dogs’ favorites is Goughnuts chew ring. This comes in four colors and if your doggo happened to chew up to the red layer, the manufacturer will replace it with a new one.

My dog goes wild whenever we play fetch with this ring. It also floats on water which gives me a way to encourage them to swim.

Whenever I want to keep my pooch busy, I’ll wipe some peanut butter around the ring. It’s easy to wash as well.


✔️Floats on water

✔️No-questions-asked replacement guarantee

✔️Tough against aggressive chewers




❌Strong smell at first but it goes away after some time



oneisall Dog Toy for Destructive Chewers

indestructible dog toysThe oneisall bone toy is great for adult chewers. It’s made with food-grade nylon packed with the yummy bacon flavor that dogs can’t get enough of.

What I love the most about this dog toy is the manufacturer’s unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee. For such a small price, it’s already a steal.

This also helps promote dental care. Just make sure that you choose the right size so your pooch won’t choke on it.

If you have a dog that chews aggressively, this is the perfect toy. It’s super durable that even my Pitbull can’t beat it.


✔️Made from super durable food-grade nylon

✔️Yummy bacon flavor

✔️Lifetime replacement guarantee




❌It’s a bit tough for teething puppies



Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

indestructible dog toysAnother Goughnuts toy included in my dogs’ toy box is the MAXX chew stick. It’s made from extremely strong rubber with a visual safety indicator.

I’ve been using this as a fetch stick and each piece lasts for months, even years. Sure, it costs more bucks but you simply can’t beat the toughness.

My dog got tired of destroying it so she decided to guard it like a precious gem. There are bite marks but no chipping or damaged parts.


✔️Very tough fetch stick

✔️Visual safety indicator

✔️Floats on water



❌Rubbery smell at first


Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toys

indestructible dog toysIf your dog likes playing tug-of-war, you’ll definitely love this set of rope toys. It’s plastic free and it even meets children toy safety standards. No to mention that this comes with a lifetime guarantee, it’s a total value for money.

There are giraffe floss toy, a carrot flossie, and more. This is great for puppies and even Rottweilers that chew aggressively. However, don’t expect the fabric on the Frisbee to be equally durable.

I personally use this as training toys for my doggos. If we can’t play outdoors, I just give the pooches a tug-of-war session.


✔️Comes with a variety of rope toys

✔️Free giraffe floss toy

✔️Very durable; meets children toy safety standards




❌Make sure that you tie the ends tight first. My dog got to unwound one rope.


SnuG Rubber Dog Balls

If you’re on a budget but still want to get tough toys, I recommend the 3-pack dog balls from SnuG. These are colorful balls that fit most ball launchers.

These are made from natural rubber instead of the usual plastic foam. It’s also food-grade which makes it safe for tough chewing.

I also like that these balls are BPA-free and easy to clean. It also floats on water and has the same size as tennis balls.

I just want to warn that these balls aren’t safe for large breeds. It can be a choking hazard.


✔️Durable rubber balls


✔️Food-grade, safe for intense chewing



❌Not ideal for large breeds


Rocco & Roxie Dog Toy Ball

If you’re looking for a tough ball that’s BPA-free and durable against strong jaws, consider the Rocco & Roxie Toy Ball. This is made from a thermoplastic elastomer that’s safe for dogs to chew.

This doesn’t have latex, phthalates, or heavy metals that will compromise your dog’s health. It’s also fade-resistant so your dog can easily spot the ball anywhere.

I like that this has a hollow middle where you can put some treats to keep the doggo busy. Just make sure that you get the right size for your pooch.


✔️Made from durable thermoplastic elastomer


✔️Hollow middle for treats



❌It doesn’t bounce like other dog balls


Monster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Ring Toy

indestructible dog toysIf your dog can gouge the innards of a Goughnuts ring, I suggest that you give them the Monster K9 toy ring. This is virtually indestructible since it’s made from very tough rubber.

This toy ring absorbs shock and can endure puncturing teeth. In fact, the manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement guarantee. If your dog got to tear it apart, you’ll receive a new one. So far, my Pitbull is still trying to damage this ring to no avail.

My only gripe is that this ring doesn’t float on water. Anyway, it’s just a small issue that my dog can live with.


✔️Very tough toy ring

✔️Lifetime replacement guarantee

✔️Perfect for Pitbulls, Rottweilers, etc.



❌Doesn’t float on water (not a biggie though)


Aizara Indestructible Dog Bone Toy

indestructible dog toysIf you have an aggressive chewer who loves bone toys, you’ll never go wrong with Aizara. Recently, they’ve updated their material to tough nylon that can withstand the strongest jaws.

This toy also helps clean a dog’s teeth clean. It’s BPA and phthalate-free for a non-toxic toy for your dog. Still, I recommend that you supervise your dog when playing any toy.

For a decent price, this has a one-year money-back guarantee if the material didn’t put up to your dog’s chewing. Take note, though, that this isn’t a flavored bone.

If ever you see any torn parts, ditch the toy and get a replacement.


✔️Updated material that can endure aggressive chewing

✔️1-year money-back guarantee

✔️BPA and phthalate-free



❌Not flavored


Indestructible Dog Toy Buying Guide

Choosing the right toy for your aggressive chewer is a big challenge. You’d want one that doesn’t rip easily or one that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. Here, I discussed a short buying and some important things you need to know about the chewy habit.

Understanding the chewing habit

Dogs explore their environment through their mouths. This is why they chew, nibble, mouth, and lick every new object that gets near them.

However, your dog’s habit of burying its daggers on each toy isn’t just simply chewing like what humans do. Their teeth consist of incisors, canines, pre-molars, and molars. These sharp daggers create a ripping and shredding movement each time they will try to chew on things.

Instead of simply ‘chewing’, your dog is actually doing a ‘rip-tear-shred’ move that can be destructive to toys and other objects.

So why do you have to understand this part? This is so you can choose the right toy for your good boi. The bigger the doggo gets the stronger their ripping abilities become. You’d want a toy that can endure this force.

Type of chewing

There are three levels on a dog’s chewing: mild, average, and aggressive.


This is the playful chew where your dog just mouths and licks a plush toy. Try touching the toy and see if your pooch will pull and tear it apart. If the pooch remains gentle with its daggers, you have a mild chewer.


Dogs with an average level of chewing love to put their daggers to the test while wanting to keep their toys intact. It’s normal for average chewers to rip a plush toy after several playtime sessions. Any toy that’s harder than a plushie should remain undestroyed.


Dogs that chew aggressively won’t leave any toy unscathed. These dogs can easily shred a plush toy in seconds. Also, aggressive chewers tend to target other household items. If not diverted to toys, it will lead to destructive chewing.

Types of dog toys

-Plush toys

These are comfort toys similar to stuffed toys. More often, dogs bring these toys to bed to cuddle with during sleep time. Sometimes, it serves as their safety blanket.

-Training toys

Training toys are usually tough and can be chewed safely. Usually, this is also used during the teething phase of a doggo. Ropes and tugs are some of the examples of this toy type.

-Self-amusement toys

This type of dog toys is durable so your pooch can play with it for a long time. Usually, pet owners use this to keep their dogs occupied. Still, supervision is needed to avoid choking and other untoward incidents.

-Treat-dispensing toys

Treat-dispensing toys offer mental stimulation and something to do for a bored dog. This toy should be durable enough to withstand the constant chewing.

-Interactive toys

Interactive toys let you bond with your dog. These toys can be used for playing fetch, tug-of-war, and more. Some interactive toys will produce a sound which will keep your pooch engaged.

What your dog prefers

You can purchase the most durable toy but if your dog doesn’t find it appealing, it will be a waste of money. It’s important to pay attention to your pet’s playing personality and style.

Dogs could be cuddlers, chasers, or chewers.

For cuddlers, you’d want comfort toys instead of hard rubber balls. They want something to keep them company, especially if you’re away.

For chasers, indestructible toy balls are unbeatable. Anything that bounces off will always thrill a dog that loves running around.

Lastly, for chewers, you need something that they can mouth and bury their teeth on. As much as you want a durable toy, always choose one with the right stiffness. This way, your chewer won’t experience teeth damage.

Your dog’s age

Every life stage will require a different type of toy. Here’s a quick guide for you:


Teething puppies will mouth and nibble on things. It will help to give them a chew toy that’s appropriate for their small size. Also, choose a soft one that won’t injure their gums. Soft toys will help ease the discomfort of teething.


Adult dogs will usually do well on almost any type of toy as long as it suits their personality and chewing level. Take note that puppy toys are no longer ideal at this life stage since these are smaller can be choking hazards. Aside from that, puppy toys are too soft for mature daggers of adult dogs.


When a dog reaches seniorhood, you should avoid hard toys as this can damage their teeth easily. Older dogs tend to become less of a chewer. Some would just want a comfort toy.

What to look for an indestructible dog toy

When scouting for the right toy for your pet, here are some of the points you should keep in mind:

-Right size

I always tell pet owners to size up the toy they will purchase for their dog. A very small toy can become a choking hazard. Too large and it will be less appealing for the pooch.

Make sure that the toy is impossible to swallow. Still, a portion should fit on the dog’s mouth so the pooch can bring it with him.

Again, no matter what the size of the dog toy is, supervision is always imperative when you’re giving a toy.

-NO coating

One mistake I committed years ago as a newbie dog owner is buying those coated toys. It turns out that the coating peeled off and my dog swallowed it. To cut the story short, we had an unscheduled visit to the vet.

If the dog toy has parts that peel off, look for another option. If you’re not sure, you can refer to the reviews of previous buyers.

Durability level

A lot of manufacturers advertise their dog toys as indestructible. However, the material will reveal if it’s indeed durable enough to withstand aggressive chewing.

Nylon and rubber are the usual materials used among dog toys. These are durable and won’t get worn out easily.

The likes of latex and vinyl are softer which are ideal for puppies or average chewers. It’s also the best choice for senior dogs with toned down chewing habits.


If you’re buying rope toys, make sure that it’s machine-washable. The substances that came from your dog’s mouth will stick and cause an awful smell and bacterial growth if not washed.

The likes of nylon and rubber are usually washable too.


Color isn’t really a big issue among dogs. However, you’d want a toy that doesn’t have the same color as that of the playing area. For example, if your dog is playing on the grass, a green toy isn’t ideal. The pooch may not be able to spot it easily.

-No squeakers

Squeakers are choking hazards. Although it entertains your dog, the squeakers will become loose. If your dog swallows it, you’ll face an emergency situation.

-Proper design

Depending on your dog’s personality, it may prefer a stick, ball, ring, or rope. Also, choose a toy with parts that your dog can easily bite.


Indestructible dog toys are excellent choices for the aggressive chewer in the house. Even when things go ruff, these toys will stay intact. What do you think of my handpicked toys? Has your dog tried any of these? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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