8 French Bulldog Clothes so Your Dog can Dress to Impress

This post was most recently updated on March 27th, 2021

French Bulldogs steal the scene when they walk. Their wiggly booties, unique body structure and cute appearance make them interesting to dress up. I personally scouted for French Bulldog clothes and I can’t wait for you to try it on your own doggo.

Scheppend Original
Adidog Hoodie
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Gooby Fleece Vest
Hoodie with Leash
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Dog Hoodie
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Baja Ponchos
Handmade Mexican
Serape Blanket
Dog Poncho
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Jeans Jacket
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Tangpan Hawaiian
Beach Coconut Print
Summer Camp Shirt
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Kuoser Cozy
Plaid Dog Vest
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My Busy Dog Water-
Resistant Dog Shoes
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Frenchie clothes aren’t just for aesthetics. It actually shields your dogs’ skin from outdoor elements. Also, the material keeps them warm during cold seasons. For this post, I chose options for hoodies, casual wear, summer wear, winter wear, and a choice of footwear.


Scheppend Original Adidog Hoodie

French bulldog clothesIf you’re looking for a hoodie for your Frenchie, I suggest that you check the Scheppend Original Adidog. It’s a one-piece tracksuit design that’s available in 10 colors and a wide range of sizes that can fit small to large breeds.

I really like that the material is soft and is made with a Sherpa fleece lining. It’s ideal for cold weather but you may need to keep it during very hot days.

Although this hoodie has an attached pajama to it, the groin and anal areas are open to let your dog eliminate when it needs to. Also, this uses flat buttons which are stitched strongly to the fabric. Unless you let your Frenchie chew the piece, the button shouldn’t be dangerous.


✔️Stretchy material with fleece lining

✔️Original Adidog hoodie

✔️Easy to put on and off



❌You should order a few sizes up for the right fit


Gooby Fleece Vest Hoodie with Leash Ring

French bulldog clothesIf you want a simple hoodie that can double as a vest, you will never go wrong with Gooby Fleece Vest Hoodie. This is made with pure polyester that’s breathable enough for all weather types.

This has a pullover design which can be a bit challenging to put on if your dog likes pawing. Still, this is just a small issue since it’s designed with large armholes.

The Gooby Hoodie is available in 17 colors and five sizes that can fit small to large dogs. I highly suggest that you follow the sizing chart of the brand to get the right fit for your dog.

Also, it has a leash ring at the back which will let you walk your pooch with it. This part is pretty sturdy, but if you have a strong puller, it might last less long than it should be.


✔️Comes with a leash ring at the back

✔️Available in 17 colors

✔️No buttons, Velcros, or zippers



❌Can be difficult to put on and off


KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie

French bulldog clothesIf you’re more of a plaid person, you’ll definitely love the KOOLTAIL Dog Hoodie. It’s made with a chick black and red plaid design from a blend of cotton and polyester. This is machine-washable and available in extra small to XXL sizes.

It also comes with a kangaroo pocket which adds breathability and cuteness to your dog’s attire. I also like that it has a thicker fabric than most hoodies I’ve seen in the market.

This has a pullover design and an open bottom that will allow your dog to eliminate without the hassle. Just take note that this has a drawstring hoodie. Make sure that you tuck the laces inside so the dog won’t try to nibble on it.

All the seams of this hoodie have a tight design to prevent your dog from tripping on loose fabric.


✔️Thick material than other hoodies

✔️Pullover design, no Velcros or buttons

✔️Open bottom



❌Not advisable for summer




Baja Ponchos Handmade Mexican Serape Blanket Dog Ponchos

If you just want simple and casual wear for your Frenchie, I suggest that you try the Baja Poncho made from Mexican Serape blanket. It has a poncho design and Velcro straps on the belly area to put it in place.

Take note that these ponchos are handmade so you’re getting real quality. This is available in 7 sizes that can fit most small to large dogs. Measure your dog’s girth, neck, and weight to make sure that you’re purchasing the right size.

Ponchos are perfect during light rains and when your dog has to go to the yard to eliminate. It’s also a great outfit during Halloween.

What I love the most about Baja Ponchos is they give your money back 100% if you’re not happy with the item. This makes this piece a low-risk purchase.


✔️Handmade from an authentic Mexican blanket

✔️Easy to put on and off

✔️Very breathable



❌Not the perfect clothing for very windy days


SILD Dog Jeans Jacket

If you want your pooch to sport a cool and casual look, try the SILD Dog Jeans Jacket. It’s made from washed vintage-looking jeans with button closure design. It also comes with a soft fabric hood attached to the denim body.

This clothing is ideal for cool days when it’s not too hot. Since the bottom is bare, your Frenchie wouldn’t have problems eliminating even if this jacket is on.

This jacket is available in six color combinations to suit your taste. It’s important to measure your dog’s chest girth, back length, and neck girth when picking the right size.

I also like that it has hood snaps to prevent the hood from flapping around your dog’s neck. By far, it’s one of the cutest dog jackets I’ve seen and for a very decent price.


✔️Hoodie and denim combo design

✔️Comes with hood snaps to secure the hood when not in use

✔️Open bottom



❌I had to move the top button lower to suit my chubby Frenchie



Tangpan Hawaiian Beach Coconut Print Summer Camp Shirt

If you and your dog are headed for a summer getaway, your Frenchie will surely catch some eyes with the Tangpan Hawaiian Beach Camp Shirt. It’s a pullover shirt with coconut prints that will set the summer vibe.

Also, it has a thinner and more breathable fabric that keeps your dog cool while on it. It’s made from a combination of cotton and polyester that’s available in XS to XL sizes.

My Frenchie really looks dapper on this shirt. I had to fold the bottom part a bit since it runs long for my Frenchie. Nevertheless, he looks amazing in it and I wish that it comes in my size too.

Before you put this on your dog, wash it carefully first. Mine came with a plastic smell which wears off after one wash. It’s also very affordable that you can afford to get all of three colors all at the same time.


✔️Aesthetic design and print

✔️No buttons, Velcros, or snaps

✔️Breathable enough for the summer



❌Runs a bit long (just fold and sew it by hand and it will be fixed)



Kuoser Cozy Plaid Dog Vest

For the winter season, you should be ready with the Kuoser Cozy Plaid Dog Vest. It’s made with polyester fiber and TC which gives a water-resistant layer in it. The internal lining keeps your dog warm while the external layer wards off moisture.

I really like the plaid design but if you want a plain look, you can opt for the simple black one. Both are good-looking, anyway.

This has a hook and loop closure which is easy to put on and off. Just make sure that you get the right size so your dog will enjoy this with the snow outside.


✔️Available in 6 colors

✔️Waterproof and windproof

✔️Perfect for the winter season




❌The Velcro straps tend to curl over time if not removed slowly



My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Dog Shoes

Your Frenchie’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a set of dog boots. I personally recommend the one from My Busy Dog. It’s made of rugged rubber with anti-slip soles that provide traction and protection against sharp objects.

The soles and fabric materials are sewn together and not glued. This makes the boots last long plus it’s adjustable so your dog can grow in it.

It’s ideal for outdoor and indoor use, even on hardwood floors. If your Frenchie keeps on getting hot and cold burns, you probably need to get this set.


✔️All the materials are sewn, not glued

✔️Protects against extreme temperatures and sharp objects

✔️Anti-slip sole



❌Not ideal for running and playing



Why dog clothes matter

The main purpose of dog clothes is to shield your pooch from harsh outdoor elements. It can be a sweater, a jumper, or a jacket to keep them warm during winter. Meanwhile, a poncho will reduce the heat of the direct sunlight.

Some dog owners dress their Frenchie because the dog looks cute. There’s no harm to this as long as the material and construction won’t pose harm to the canine.

Just take note that Frenchies, and all dogs for that matter, have individual personalities. Some would grow to like clothes while others will do anything to rip it away.

If your pooch wags its tail or bottom and can move freely, the clothes are probably okay with them.

Another advantage of dog clothes is it helps in the recovery of a wound. The fabric layer will shield the wound from scratches and infections.

Also, dressing up your dog will help prevent shed hair from scattering all over your house. Still, make sure that you remove the clothes and brush your dog’s coat to prevent matting.

In the case of French Bulldogs, they have a thinner coat which may make them feel colder than breeds with double coats.

The body structure of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs with stocky bodies. They also have deep chests and a unique gait. Unlike other breeds with the same height, French Bulldogs need larger sizes to fit in their muscular bodies.

Take note that Frenchies also have thick necks. If you’re purchasing dog clothes, make sure that you measure their stomach, back, and neck. You shouldn’t strain these parts with very tight pieces.

General buying guide for French Bulldog clothes

Just like buying your own clothes, you want it to have the right fit, feel, and material. When shopping for your Frenchie’s clothes, here are some of the points you should keep in mind:

>Sizing and dimensions

Each clothing piece will have different measurements. It’s always best to check using a tape measure. Usually, hoodies and pajamas will need you to measure the neck, back, girth and length of your dog’s back from the nape down just before the tail.

I suggest that you take your dog’s measurements first before browsing your options. This way, you wouldn’t be tempted to purchase one that doesn’t fit the dog properly.

Again, measure these parts: neck, back, and chest. Also, take note that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dog clothes. Even though most Frenchies will stand around 11 to 12 inches tall, each dog will have a unique body composition.


Your choice of clothing for your dog should never, in any way, impede elimination. Your dog should be able to pee and poo whenever it needs to even if the piece of clothing is on.

Aside from adding up to your laundry woes, it will affect your dog’s elimination. Some dogs may hate wearing any clothes at all if this happens.

Opt for clothes with a higher cutout if you have a male Frenchie. This will prevent the pooch from spraying pee on it.

>Match it with the weather

If you’re planning to purchase your Frenchie some clothes, make sure that it matches with the current weather. Warm clothing like Hoodies and pajamas are no-nos during the summer season. This might cause your Frenchie to overheat.

For winter days, there’s no doubt that your Frenchie needs thicker clothing like hoodies, jackets, and sweaters. Puppies and senior Frenchies will need this extra protection the most when going outdoors.

One thing that doesn’t choose any weather condition is footwear. I personally put on dog boots on my Frenchie during summer and winter to protect their paws. For some reasons, our area is notorious for shards of glass in the streets which will cut a dog’s paw.

>Choose the right fabric

A piece of clothing should let your dog walk, play, run, and move without any problem. For dogs – not just Frenchies, stretchy fabrics like spandex and cotton make movement easier.

Wool, on the other hand, can be itchy and you have to hand wash it to maintain the fabric’s quality. A combination of wool and cotton is a much better choice.

If you really want your French Bulldog to be comfortable, choose a thin fabric like mesh for non-winter seasons. A mix of polyester and cotton are also good options.

>The thing about zippers and strips

Any movable parts on your dog’s clothes can be choking hazards. Wide Velcro straps are ideal enclosures since these are stitched into the clothing. Sturdy zippers are fine as long as it doesn’t stand the chance of being chewed by your dog.

Buttons snaps are cute too but these can be removed easily. When it comes to bows, make sure that you keep a close eye on your dog.

>Opt for adjustable pieces

Your Frenchie’s weight will fluctuate over time but it doesn’t mean you’re going to purchase new clothes every single time. Also, adjustable pieces will save you money and allow your dog to grow into it.

How to introduce dog clothes to your Frenchie

Your dogs will make it clear whether they hate or like being dressed. Bring out a piece of clothing you’ve put your Frenchie on and see its reaction. Does the dog run away to evade being dressed up? Or does the Frenchie become very excited?

Aside from purchasing the right clothes, the next challenge is to get your dog to like it. Here are some of my personal tips:

Start with the basic.

Surprising your Frenchie with a full-on onesie might be cute. However, this isn’t the case if you’re just getting started with dressing them up.

Start with a poncho – easy to put on and off. Also, ponchos don’t stick to the skin too much which makes it breathable and less straining for the dog.  Let your Frenchie get used to it before you move on to hoodies, pajamas, and other tight clothes.

Don’t put it for too long.

No matter how comfortable the piece is, it’s not ideal to put it on for too long, especially if it’ sticks to the skin too much. Just like leashes and collars, dog clothes may irritate your Frenchie’s skin if put on for too long.

Remember, clothes aren’t a normal part of a dog’s life. Most of all, wash the clothes before putting them on your dog.

Use some rewards.

Given that the clothes’ size and material are ideal, you can use treats to encourage your dog to put on the piece of clothing. Again, don’t put it on for too long.

Also, don’t let treats become bribes. Giving too many treats isn’t healthy too because of the excess calories your pooch is consuming.

Check if it’s still comfortable.

After several washes, your dog’s clothes can a bit uncomfortable. Also, your dog may grow bigger every time which will make the piece of clothing smaller.

Make sure that you check this part well. Improper clothing size can lead to problematic gait and leg problems.


When shopping for French bulldog clothes, comfort should be your main priority. You can always find chic pieces but your dog’s safety matters the most. We have covered Best Harness for French Bulldog to make it easy for you select one for your Frenchie.

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