Personal Review of 2 Wet Dog Food Options for Puppies – Top Picks Indeed!

Is your cute and furry baby hungry? Pups are charming, but for them to keep sharing the love, you should feed them with the best wet dog food for puppies. These little babies grow fast and they require a special dose of nutrition to keep up with the bodily changes. As their bones grow bigger and they start teething, it’s imperative to give your pup nutritious and easy-to-digest food.

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A lot of pup owners struggle with the food choice. Some make the mistake of feeding their puppies with formula milk or kibble. As much as the intentions are good, the judgment is on your pet’s sensitive stomach.

To help you out, I’ve prepared a quick guide for choosing the best wet food for your li’l buddy. Read on.

Benefits of wet dog food for puppies

Choosing between dry and wet food shouldn’t be difficult if you have a puppy. I can consider it a default to feed only wet food until your pet reaches a certain age. Why? First, it’s easier to chew. Remember that puppyhood is mired with the discomfort of teething. Wet food makes it more bearable since the food is moist and easier to break down into pieces. Aside from that, there are more benefits of wet food:

➕ It contains more protein. Growing pups require more protein to sustain their muscles’ needs. Wet food is usually packed with more protein compared to kibble. Also, dry dog food has more grains that could be difficult to digest on the part of your pup.

➕ Lasts longer. Unlike dry food that can go stale easily, wet food can be stored longer since it’s packed in cans. Also, the best wet dog food for puppies is easier to serve since you just have to scoop it up and put it on your dog’s dish.

➕ It has more moisture content. It’s a fact that wet food has more moisture that, in turn, hydrates your puppy better. Such water content is crucial in digestion and ensuring that your pup won’t have a hard time pooping.

Unique nutritional needs of puppies

Compared to older dogs, puppies have unique nutritional requirements. Adult dogs are maintaining their bodies while puppies are continuously growing. The type of food you’ll feed your puppy should depend on the nutrients the pooch needs in order to support muscle and bone growth. You simply can’t feed them with dog food made for older canines.

A balanced diet ensures that your doggo will grow with a healthy body and a sharp mind. It also maintains the pup’s energy level to keep their body humming.

If you want to make things simple in meeting the nutritional needs of your pet, make sure that you look for the following components:

Protein. Remember, your pup is growing at a rapid pace. This means they need more protein at this point in their lives more than ever.

Carbohydrates. Your pup will run, play, goof, and bark around. All these consume lots of energy. To ensure that they are always in tip-top shape, make sure that the wet food has the right carb consistency.

Fats. Not all fats are bad. Look for a wet food product with a humble serving of fat. This food component keeps the skin and coat of your pup healthy. It also maintains healthy eyes and brain.

Minerals and vitamins. Wet dog food that indicates it’s certified to be “balanced” or “complete” usually have the right blend of these two food components.

Water. Most puppy foods consist of 78% water or moisture. Still, this isn’t enough to hydrate their small bodies. Make sure that you give them a fresh bowl of water when eating.

A point to remember:

These food components aren’t exhaustive. Each pup will have a unique nutritional needs based on breed, physical condition, and other factors.

Top Picks for Wet Dog Food for Puppies

If you’re looking for the best wet dog food for puppies, here are two of my best picks.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Puppy Food

What’s in the can?

➕ Chicken, sweet potatoes, flaxseed, carrots        ➕ 100% balanced for puppies

➕ NO fillers or meat by-products                            ➕ Packed with DHA and antioxidants

best wet dog food for puppiesA pup surely can’t resist the yummy taste of chicken and salmon on this pate wet food. It’s packed with tons of nutrients intended to support the bodies of growing puppies. The Wellness Complete Puppy Food is free of artificial preservatives, fillers, or by-products that can piss the little tummy of your pet.

Overall, this dog food has 9% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 1% crude fiber, and 78% moisture. So you ask, it’s very little protein, how come this is the best? Well, your puppy’s body is little too! Protein intake is measured by every kilogram of your puppy’s weight. If you give too much, their kidneys would be on the wringer.

The good thing about this puppy food is it’s both delicious and nutritious. I once had a finicky whelp and this canned goodness finally broke the picky curse.

There’s no need to heat this puppy food. Just serve it in room temperature and refrigerate the unused portion. My opened, refrigerated can lasted for four days in the fridge. If you’re serving the unused portion after a day or two, always do a little whiff to check if it’s already spoiled.  This is a very nutritious food, but since it’s moist, you can’t take chances on bacteria buildup.

Feeding guide:

Feed your pup 12.5 oz. per meal. For combination feeding, add 1/3 cup of dry food for every 6 oz. of this wet food. In case you’re planning to give it to an adult doggo, feed 12.5 oz. for every 15 pounds of their weight daily.

Natural Balance Premium Wet Dog Food

What’s in the can?

➕ Quality beef with veggies                       ➕ No artificial colors or flavors

➕ Balanced protein for puppies               ➕ Balanced Omega 3 and 6 ratios

best wet dog food for puppiesIf you’re looking for a beef-based protein for your pup, the Natural Balance Premium Wet Dog Food is the best wet dog food for puppies. It also comes in other flavors like lamb, chicken, and vegetarian. Aside from the meat ingredient, it’s also packed with carb and fiber sources like potatoes, oat, and brown rice.

The wet food has the following components: 8% crude protein, 5% crude fat, 2% max. fiber. Overall, it’s equal to 440 calories per can. It has the same pate-style consistency of the Wellness Complete dog food.

The nutritionists of Natural Balance crafted this wet dog food to suit all dog stages from puppyhood, adulthood, and seniorhood. One thing that makes this a perfect fit for almost all pups is the highly digestible carbs. That means no pissed stomach or problematic poo.

This best wet dog food for puppies has undergone 9 safety tests to ensure that it passed the industry standards. Natural Balance doesn’t use any fillers or by-products on their dog food. Every ingredient is premium and suitable for ingestion.

Feeding guide:

Most puppies should be fed one can per meal but it will vary based on the weight. Check the label for a more detailed instruction.

What to look for wet food for my puppy?

When buying the best wet dog food for puppies, always look for all-natural ingredients with balanced nutrients. That seems like a vague concept, but here are three things you should look for in the label:

➕ A certification that it met the nutritional requirements of puppies as set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

➕ A complete and balanced nutrition as proven by various tests and nutritional breakdown.

➕ Balanced and complete nutrition as tested by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Aside from these basic certifications and labels, always keep an eye on the list of ingredients. Always look for specific names of whole foods. If it just indicates poultry instead of chicken, duck, turkey or the likes, scout for another one. The manufacturer might be trying to hide something which isn’t good especially if you have a puppy with a sensitive stomach.

Also, check the reviews. If a certain product has tons of purchases and positive reviews, it’s a good sign that such product is the best wet dog food for puppies.

How often should my puppy eat?

The frequency of feeding depends on the age of your pup. If the pooch has a specific medical condition, it’s best to consult the vet. But more often, this is the rule of thumb:

➕ 2-3 months: up to 4 meals a day

➕ 3-6 months: up to 3 meals a day

➕ 6-12 months: 2 meals a day

Remember that we’re just talking about the frequency here and not the amount of servings per meal. That one will depend on the weight and serving suggestions of the wet food you’re going to purchase. Also, it’s best to introduce wet food after the pup has weaned from the mother around 3-4 months upon birth.

Some dog owners stick to a twice-a-day feeding which may or may not work for your pup.

You may need to add more water the first few days that you’re transitioning to wet food. This is so the best wet dog food for puppies will mimic the soupy nature of the mother’s milk.

Lastly, take note that pups may end up playing with food if you let them eat alone. Start by dipping a finger on the food and letting the pooch lick it.

Is organic puppy food a good choice?

Right now, there are no specific standards as to whether a puppy food is “organic” or not. Your closest bet is an all-natural product. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program is yet to issue metrics for this. So if a product claims to be organic, go ahead and check the ingredients instead.

Dangerous puppy foods to avoid

Puppies tend to have more sensitive stomachs than older dogs. Food ingredients that adult pooches can tolerate could be poisonous or harmful for little canines.

Always stir clear of food products with avocado, raw bread dough, macadamia nuts, large amounts of dairy, garlic, onion, chives, xylitol, and so on.

Aside from the wet food, avoid giving your pup some of your snacks like salty potato chips or chocolates. Puppies are like babies. Small stuff can ruin their digestive functions.

I want to put emphasis on Xylitol here. This artificial sweetener can be found on peanut butter, jams, powdered drinks, candies, and dental products. Although this is fairly safe for humans, it’s a big hazard for puppies. Never let them nibble on lollipops or other treats you have.

If you plan to give your pup a treat, you might as well purchase one that’s made specifically for them.

When to transition your puppy from milk to wet food

For puppies under four weeks old, all their calories should come from their mother’s milk. On the 8th week, they  can be fed with the best wet dog food for puppies.

After a month and the pooches aren’t getting enough nutrition through breastfeeding, they can be weaned after the sixth week.

But instead of giving them the wet food straight from the can, add more water to it until it becomes soupy. Like what I mentioned earlier, you’d like to mimic the consistency of milk. This way, it would be easy to eat and digest. Once the pup reaches 4 or 5 months old, you can ditch the watery mix and stick to the fresh pate.

How to know if my pup is doing good on wet food?

This is a case-to-case basis, but more often, your pup should show positive signs after six weeks of being on the food. Your little doggo should be energetic and playful. Also, the poop should be brown and formed as a sign of excellent nutrient absorption.

Also, check if the pup’s coat is shiny and intact. Any bald patches or thinness should be a cause of concern. It’s possibly due to the food or an underlying illness.

The best wet dog food for puppies should meet the nutritional needs of your puppies. Most of all, it should be safe and appealing to the taste buds of a picky pupper.

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