Top 5 Harnesses for French Bulldogs – Ranked and Reviewed!

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French Bulldogs are adorable and playful canines. But since they have a stocky yet small build, it’s quite difficult to find the best harness for French bulldog that suits them well. I have also covered Best French Bulldog Clothes to make it easy for you to make an advised choice. Let’s go ahead with harness. Below, I reviewed 5 of the best harnesses in the market:

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Eco Bark Max
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Comfort Fit Metric
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Blueberry Pet
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Unlike other breeds, Frenchies are brachycephalic. This means that they have a flat muzzle that’s prone to breathing issues. This is the same reason why collars aren’t suitable for this dog.

MY TOP PICK: Best Pet Supplies Dog Harness
best harness for French bulldog

Product Name: Best Pet Supplies Dog Harness

Product Description: My top pick is this dog harness from Best Pet Supplies Inc. It’s made from breathable mesh fabric with a step-in design that your dog can walk into. All of the parts that will touch your dog’s skin are padded. At the back, there’s a Velcro enclosure as well as a buckle lock. There are two D-rings at the back for attaching the leash. This best harness for French bulldog is an all-weather type that fits Frenchies of all sizes. Take note that you have to measure your pooch’s chest just after the shoulder. After that, refer to the sizing chart of the seller to find the range where your dog fits. Anyway, this harness is available for 13 to 23 inches which suit medium to large breeds.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material Quality
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Fit


Aside from the wide range of sizes, you can also choose from 16 different colors. It includes army, baby blue, black, fuchsia, red, turquoise, and more.

Overall, this harness is perfect for teenie-weenies and stocky breeds. For a very affordable price, this harness can last countless walks. You might even find it surprising that this works for cats too!

Also, what I love the most here is it doesn’t rub the belly of my Frenchie. Just make sure that you don’t close it too tight or too loose.


✔️Wide range of sizes

✔️Choose from 16 colors

✔️Made from padded mesh fabric

✔️Dual enclosure: Velcro and buckle


❌The clip part is a bit bulky


Eco Bark Max No-Choke Padded Vest

best harness for French bulldogThe next option that I recommend is the Eco Bark Max Harness. It’s a no-pull and no-choke harness that’s made from double layered fabric mesh. While it’s durable for daily walks, it’s soft to touch. It won’t irritate the skin of your dog as long as you get the right size.

This harness has an anti-rub technology and custom stitched cover that prevents the strap from chafing the legs of the dog.

Always refer to the sizing chart of Eco Bark when purchasing. Measure the chest girth and base of the neck of your Frenchie to make sure that the harness will fit perfectly.

Eco Bark claims that their harness is escape proof. It uses a standard buckle lock at the back where the leash attachment is also located. This makes the harness effortless to put on and off.

Also, you can match the color of the harness to the color of your leash. Eco Bark offers this product in 10 different colors.

One big bonus with the Eco Bark harness is they use recycled materials. Some parts of the harness are made from recycled bottles. Aside from making dogs comfortable with their daily walks, the brand also observes eco-friendly practices.  This makes it a fitting runner up for the best harness for French bulldog.


✔️Double layered mesh fabric for utmost breathability

✔️No-choke, no-pull design

✔️No-rub technology

✔️Recycled materials




❌The collar area isn’t adjustable


Comfort Fit Metric USA No-Pull Small Dog Harness

best harness for French bulldogMy Frenchie was prone to chafing due to his affinity to pulling, not until I found this harness from Comfort Fit.  There are two things that I love the most here: the very soft material and the chest padding.

The harness has a very soft Metric 66 fabric that’s thick enough to give a hugging effect to my dog. Still, it’s breathable enough. It’s not nylon, more like a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

Also, I love the embossed part of the chest area. This gives more breathing room for the dog’s chest. It also reduces chafing for dogs who love to pull the leash. The bonus part is it has bone designs on the outside.

For the locking system, there’s a single buckle, a wide Velcro strap, and two D-rings where you can attach the leash. Remember, though, that this harness is ideal only for dogs with chest girth measuring 9 to 25 inches.

This harness comes in six colors:  black, red, purple, green, blue, and neon green. According to Jo of Comfort Fits, they are planning to add more colors.

To get the right size, measure your dog’s chest girth then refer to Comfort Fit’s sizing chart. Don’t use the sizing of other brands.


✔️Made from very soft Metric 66 fabric

✔️Contoured chest for less chafing

✔️Escape-free design

✔️Fits 3-pound dogs




❌The lock rattles when the dog walks


Blueberry Pet Martingale Dog Collar

best harness for French bulldogIf you’re training your dog , a martingale harness is a much better choice. The one from Blueberry Pet has a strap design that runs from the chest, belly, and back of the dog. This one fits dogs with chest girth measuring of up to 39 inches.

The straps are made from nylon fabric with high-density webbing to ensure that it will last long. It doesn’t stretch or tighten which makes it totally safe for Frenchies.

This best harness for French bulldog is the perfect choice during warm weather. Since padded harnesses can be too warm for dogs, this one will make walks more breathable.

Overall, this harness is easy to put on. The shoulder straps are adjustable and there’s a buckle on top to keep everything in place. Meanwhile, the leash attachment is located at the back using the two D-rings.

Currently, this is available in 19 different colors including Dark Orchid, Florence Orange, Medium Turquoise, Rouge Red, and more. Before buying this leash, know the exact measurement of your Frenchie’s girth.

Remember that martingale harnesses are ideal for training only. It’s not a good idea to attach an ID to it. And since this is made from thinner straps, don’t let your dog chew this harness.


✔️Densely webbed nylon straps

✔️19 colors to choose from

✔️Adjustable leg straps

✔️Perfect for training




❌Limited control


PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness

The beauty of plaid fabric is used in this PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness. This is made from polyester together with a breathable mesh material. I personally like the soft interior that won’t chafe the chest of your Frenchie. It won’t hurt even when the dog is running.

There’s an additional strap that runs at the upper back which provides more reinforcement. A single buckle locks the harness in one side. To attach the leash, there’s a D-ring at the back part.

The girth of this harness is adjustable but not the padded area below the neck. Always measure your dog’s girth and chest area before picking a size for this harness. There’s a sizing chart from PUPTECK that you can refer to.

Currently, this harness comes in 6 different colors with a plaid design. It’s fashionable and great for hiking, daily walks, and running.

Personally, I like the quality of this harness and it fits just as the sizing chart indicates. Also, my Frenchie didn’t pull with this harness on, it’s probably comfier than others, I suppose.

Most of the complaints I saw about this harness is improper sizing. This could be prevented only if buyers would take the time to use a tape measure. Take note, an inch can make a big difference here even if the harness is adjustable.


✔️Fashionable patterned design

✔️Contains a breathable mesh padding

✔️Made from lightweight yet durable Polyester Air Mesh fabric

✔️No-pull design




❌The neck strap isn’t adjustable and can be outgrown by pups


French Bulldog Harness Buying Guide

Comfort should be the number one priority when it comes to dog harnesses. To ensure that you’ll get one that suits your Frenchie, here’s what you need to look for.


Proper sizing is very important when buying harnesses. It should fit your Frenchie just right – not too tight and not too lose. Before you purchase the best harness for French bulldog, measure your dog first. Here’s how:

Step 1. Using a tape measure, wrap it around the base of the ribcage. It’s the spot where the neck and shoulder meets.

Step 2. Measure the diameter of the thickest part of your dog’s neck.

Alternative method. You can use the weight of your doggo as the basis for the size. Usually, manufacturers will base on the per-pound weight of dogs. Besides, most harnesses are adjustable to a specific range.


I don’t know if it’s just my preference, but try to purchase a padded vest. Frenchies love to pull which will cause the material of the harness to rub into their bodies. With soft padding, chafing won’t happen.

Also, it would be ideal to purchase a no-pull harness. This type discourages the dog from pulling and leading the leash.


If you have the budget, you can purchase a leather harness with soft padding. But for a more affordable choice, opt for nylon and mesh material. You just have to be careful if your Frenchie is a chewer. Nylon doesn’t last long from too much biting.

Regardless of your choice of material, always choose a breathable harness.

????Ease of use

You don’t need a harness that takes forever to put on your dog. Get a piece that slips easily into the front legs and locks quickly. Based on my experience, Frenchies can be fussy with harnesses, especially during the first time you put it on. It’s best to have a harness that you can lock in place while your dog walks into it.


An adult Frenchie doesn’t grow really tall. So if you purchase an adjustable harness, you’d want one that will endure daily walks, nibbling, and pulling.

????Collar vs. harness

Veterinarians have warned about the use of collars to French Bulldogs. As a flat-nosed breed, they are prone to breathing problems. The pressure that the collar exerts into the neck will worsen this predisposition.

Collars can easily choke French Bulldogs, more so if the dog pulls. If you observe excessive panting, remove the collar and let your dog rest.

Another thing is that collars can injure the neck of a Frenchie. Just like a harness, collars aren’t supposed to be put on for a long period.

Types of dog harnesses

There are three major types of dog harnesses. Each one has a specific purpose and design.

????Back-clip harness

This harness has a D-ring located at the back where the leash will be connected. Back-clip harnesses are the most common choice, especially for small dogs that are at high risk of choking.

However, this leash is best for dogs that are trained not to pull. If not, the Frenchie will keep on dragging the handler, leading to the ‘sled effect’.

????Front-clip harness

On the other hand, front-clip harnesses are ideal for Frenchies that like to pull. The leash attachment is placed in front which gives the handler full control over the direction where the dog is heading.

Also, front-clip harnesses make it easy to break a dog fight. The front clip lets the handler pull the dog to face him or her.

The only downside here is that the leash can get tangled on the dog’s legs if it became too loose.

????Tightening harness

Tightening harnesses constricts whenever the dog tries to pull. This uncomfortable feeling will discourage the Frenchie from leading the leash.

However, since this is tightening, it may not be ideal for French Bulldogs. Some tightening harnesses that are poorly designed can cause pain.


The best harness for French bulldog should always be comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting. These flat-nosed doggos have sensitive airways which are why collars aren’t a perfect suit.

Just make sure that you measure their girth and neck properly to purchase the right harness. No matter how good the piece is, it would be of no use if it doesn’t fit perfectly.

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