5 Best Dog Diapers – Stop the Mess Before it Happens!

Puppies and babies have one thing in common: they both need nappies! Also, older dogs suffering from incontinence will benefit from the use of the best dog diapers.

In this post, I reviewed five of the best options: a combination of washable and disposable for your convenience. It would save you from the hassle of cleaning up pee everywhere or getting the snide looks from strangers if your dog happened to pee in a public place.

5 Best Dog Diapers for Your Fido

Are you tired of cleaning up ‘accidents’ all over the house? Or are you taking your dog outdoors? If so, you need to get the best dog diapers.

MY TOP PICK: Paw Inspired Super Absorbent Disposable Dog Diaper

Best Dog Diapers

If you’re looking for the best dog diapers, you shouldn’t miss the Paw Inspired Super Absorbent Dog Diaper. This is made for female canines, but you can also get this in male versions. It’s a 128-pack available in extra small to medium-plus sizes.

This doggie diaper has a leak-proof design that helps a lot with incontinence. It also has a highly absorbent core that can hold a lot of pee at a time. I also like the secure fitting waistband that keeps the diaper in place even as your dog moves around.

Aside from that, this has breathable bottom layers and leak-proof edges. Unlike other doggie diapers, this one from Paw Inspired won’t pull on your dog’s fur. It has easily repositionable and fur-resistant fasteners.

This diaper also has the DrySpeed Technology that provides ultra-protection. This converts your dog’s pee into a gel substance, so your pet will feel dry and clean.

Instead of cleaning up accidents all the time, this diaper will solve the problem for you. It will also prevent male dogs from mating with your female canine.

  • DrySpeed Technology that converts pee into gel
  • Breathable bottom
  • It doesn’t pull on the fur
  • It tends to fall off on Dachshunds


Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Dog Diapers

Another disposable diaper that you can consider is the Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit. This is made for male dogs, which helps in urinary incontinence, male marking, and excitable urination.

One thing that I like about this doggie diaper is its wetness indicator. It changes color when your dog urinates. This way, you’ll know if it’s time to change nappies.

Moreover, this doggie diaper is safe and snug when wrapped on the dog’s belly. It’s also fur-safe and won’t pull or snag, not to mention that the fasteners can be repositioned easily.

This diaper comes with a leak barrier that prevents your dog pee from overflowing. This gives you peace of mind, especially if you’re taking your dog outdoors.

Whether you have a puppy or an old dog with incontinence, these diapers are excellent picks. This specific package is a medium size in 12 packs, with each pack containing 12 nappies. It fits dogs with waist girth from 18” to 23.5”.

The only thing I noticed is that this diaper’s adhesive tends to lose its hold the more you adjust it. You have to put it carefully, so you won’t have to snap it on and off too many times.

  • It comes with a leak barrier
  • Helps with male marking
  • It doesn’t pull on the dog’s fur
  • The adhesive tends to lose its hold when adjusted frequently

Pet Soft Disposable Puppy Dog Diaper

If you’re looking for another option for your female dog, you should consider the Pet Soft Disposable Puppy Diaper. This is available in XS to XL sizes, with the small one suitable for dogs with a waist girth of 11.8” to 19.7”.

Moreover, this has a super quick absorbent cotton core that will keep your dog dry. Also, it has two hidden grooves on each side that prevents urine from overflowing.

Aside from that, this has an elastic ring waist that’s easy to adjust and won’t irritate your dog’s skin. I also like the ‘Magic sticker’ that holds the diaper nicely without sticking to the dog’s fur.

Meanwhile, the 36 Safe Guard of this diaper will wrap around your dog’s leg and waist properly. The strong Velcro design also remains tight so that the diaper won’t fall off your doggo.

The bonus part is it comes in three different colors and designs for added aesthetic. This package also has 72 pieces, which is very affordable and suitable for dog owners on a budget.

  • Made of moisture-locking material
  • Strong Velcro belt
  • 360 Safe Guard to prevent leaks
  • Consider sizing up to give your dog some breathing room

Teamoy Washable Doggie Diaper Wraps

Washable doggie diapers are an eco-friendly and economical choice. And if you’re looking for the best set, you should get his one from Teamoy. These washable nappies are as absorbent as disposable ones but with less waste.

This is made of four layers: a soft mesh fabric, two superabsorbent microfiber layers, and a waterproof PUL outer to prevent leaks. It’s designed for female dogs with a tail hole to suit all breeds.

Aside from that, this has an elastic belly band equipped with Magic Tapes to keep it in place. The adhesive holds strongly, and it doesn’t snag on the dog’s fur. I also like the elastic edge of these diapers that prevent urine from leaking on the side.

For this set, you’ll receive four washable diapers in different colors. Each one lasts for years, which translates to lots of savings on your part. You can also get this in a wide range of sizes for the best comfort.

When cleaning these diapers, you can either hand-wash or machine-wash, but you should only air-dry them.

  • Made of four fabric layers
  • Can be machine-washed
  • Magic Tape that holds strongly
  • Not for docked tail dog breeds

FunnyDogClothes Washable Belly Band Dog Diapers

If you have a male dog, the best washable diaper would be this set from FunnyDogClothes. It has a belly band design to wrap around your dog’s waist. It will catch urine and prevent mating.

Like the one from Teamoy, this one is made of four fabric layers. It has excellent absorbency to keep your pet dry in between urination.

Its inner mesh layer is gentle on the skin, and there are sewn absorbent pads that prevent your dog’s pee from leaking. Lastly, it has a waterproof outer layer that comes in fun prints.

Moreover, this belly band is highly adjustable to suit a wide range of breeds. It utilizes a hook and loop system to secure the band even as your dog moves. Meanwhile, the Velcro enclosure is industrial-grade and won’t unravel easily.

For this set, you’ll receive a pack of six diapers available in XS to XL sizes. Take note that the largest size suits dogs with a waist girth of 20” to 26”.

Overall, this is an economical choice if you don’t want to buy and throw away disposable nappies. These diapers are also constructed well so that they can last for long despite regular machine washing.

  • Made for four layers of absorbent fabric
  • Hook and loop system for easy removal
  • Effective in preventing mating and marking
  • It runs a little small, so consider sizing up

How to choose the best dog diapers?

Like baby diapers, you have to be careful when buying doggie diapers. You have to ensure that it has excellent absorbency and that it will stay in place. To keep it simple, I always check for these aspects:

Disposable vs. washable

The first thing you have to think about is whether you’ll get a disposable or washable dog diaper. Both are excellent options, but each one has its pros and cons.

With disposable diapers, you simply take them off your dog and toss them into the trash. It’s convenient, but the downside is that you have to keep buying them, which can cost a lot if your dog has incontinence.

On the other hand, washable dog diapers are economical and more environment-friendly. And unlike disposable types, washable diapers don’t shred or lose their shape. However, cleaning it is an added chore.

Male vs. Female diapers

Take note that dog diapers are sold in male and female designs. Male dog diapers are belly wraps that go around your dog’s lower torso. On the other hand, female dog diapers are similar to baby diapers but with a tail hole. It’s important to get the diaper for the right gender. Otherwise, it won’t serve its purpose.

Size and fit

The fit and size of the dog diaper are also crucial. Imagine buying yourself a pair of pants only to discover that it’s too tight or too loose. You have to ensure that your dog’s diaper is comfortable to wear and will stay in place properly.

To get the right size, you need to measure your dog’s waist circumference. You can add one to two inches as a breathing room so it doesn’t feel too cramped.

The good thing is that dog diapers are highly adjustable to suit different dog breeds.

Leak protection

Dog diapers aren’t supposed to leak, so make sure that what you’re going to buy has some sort of leak protection. These are channels on the side of the diaper that will catch overflowing fluids. It will also help keep your dog dry all the time.

Aside from that, you should get a dog diaper with excellent absorbency. A cotton core is ideal for disposable types, while multiple fabric layers are excellent for washable types.


Last but not the least, always consider the price of the dog diaper. You don’t really have to splurge on expensive packs. Just make sure that the diaper you’re going to get has decent value for your money.

And if you really want to save your dollars, you might as well get washable nappies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can you leave a diaper on a dog?

A: You should only put your dog on a dog diaper for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. You also have to change the diaper once it’s soiled. This is to prevent infections and fecal matter from sitting too long on your dog’s coat.

Q: Do dog diapers cause UTI?

A: Using dog diapers for too long can lead to urinary tract infections (UTIs). This is why you should leave it on for more than 4 hours on your pet. You should also clean up your dog’s privates after removing the used diaper to prevent the occurrence of infections.

Q: Can dog diapers prevent mating?

A: Dog diapers can help prevent a male dog from successfully mounting a female canine. However, it’s not an absolute solution, as some dogs can paw it off their bellies. If you want to prevent your dog from mating, neutering/spaying is the best solution.

Q: Can you use baby diapers for dogs in heat?

A: Baby diapers can be used to make a DIY doggie diaper. For female dogs, you just have to bore a hole for the tail and put it on to cover its privates. You can do the same to female dogs by wrapping the baby diaper on their belly.

Q: How do you wash dog diapers?

A: If you’re using washable dog diapers, you should clean them with laundry detergent. Depending on the design, you can hand-wash or machine-wash it. You can also use a pre-wash soak by adding a cup of vinegar to water.

Q: Do dog diapers work for poop?

A: Most of the time, dog diapers are used for urine and in preventing mating. Also, dogs tend to not defecate when they are wearing diapers. But technically, dog diapers can hold poop inside, though it will surely make a mess on your dog’s fur.

Final words

The best dog diapers will save your home from stinky accidents. Also, you can use it to prevent mating and marking if you have a male canine. And if you’re taking your doggo on public establishments, a doggie diaper is a must.

Just make sure that you get one with the right size, absorbency, and material. Do read our post on Indestructible Dog toys for your doggo.

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