My Top 5 Picks for the Best Chew Toys for Puppies

Puppies are known for their affinity to biting and nipping. Due to teething and their natural playfulness, each pet owner can make use of the best chew toys for puppies. Chew toys can ease the discomfort of teething and it can be used for basic obedience training.

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Here, I reviewed my 5 personal picks that I personally used on my dogs. These five have been dog-approved by my own pooches for a substantial amount of time.


Product Name: KONG Puppy Dog Toy

Product Description: Let me say this: you’ll never go wrong with this KONG Extreme Dog Toy. It’s a rubber chew and a treat-dispensing toy at the same time. It has a hollow mid-part where you can stick some stinky treats. What I love the most here is its durability. My Yorkies and Beagles are no-match to this tough toy. It’s very affordable too and will last a long time. The only challenge here is keeping it interesting – again, treats. You can use this as a basic chew toy or a fetch stick. I personally prefer stuffing it with frozen carrots for my teething pup. This is made from durable rubber that’s BPA-free and safe for continuous chewing. It also helps soothe the gums of teething pups and in cleaning their teeth.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStoreOnly

  • Formula Quality
  • Nutrition
  • Kibble Quality
  • Palatability


Just make sure that you purchase the right size of the KONG toy to suit your pooch. This rubber toy is available in extra small, small, medium, and large.

Aside from the size, this KONG toy is made in different rubber levels including Puppy Rubber (this one), Senior Rubber, Classic Rubber, and Extreme Rubber. Make sure that you get the blue and pink colors for puppies since these are softer.

If you have a large breed pup, this toy might last shorter than it used to be on smaller doggos. Regardless, always supervise your dog when giving this chew toy.


✔️Durable toy

✔️Doubles as a treat dispenser

✔️Soothes gums and cleans teeth

✔️Vet and trainer-recommended



❌Some dogs may get their jaws stuck with it (again, supervision!)

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy

Here’s another favorite of my dogs, the Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy. It has three bone-shaped ends (looks like a slingshot) that let dogs retrieve it easily. It also has deep grooves for better grip and chewing. I learned that it’s a patented design.

The entire bone has a delicious flavor. You can choose between Real Bacon and Real Chicken depending on what your dog likes the most. I actually bought both before just to make sure.

Take note that the bone itself isn’t edible since it’s made of nylon. It’s made to keep your dog busy chewing and licking to ease their gums. If any of the parts are starting to fall off, replace the bone. Based on my experience, it will take weeks of chewing for a mid-sized doggo.

The flavor of this chew toy is made from real ingredients. It also has hints of peppermint and peanut.

I just want to warn pet owners since this can be a choking hazard if you don’t supervise your dog. Any toy can cause choking if not given properly.

Just like the KONG toy, always purchase the right size for your pup. This is available in small, medium, and large sizes. You can also select the flavor: bacon, chicken, or peanut.


✔️Patented design

✔️Real ingredients, real flavor

✔️Pretty durable



❌Some dogs end up having broken teeth


Nylabone Bacon-Flavored Dura Chew

best chew toys for puppiesFor pups that are aggressive chewers, the Nylabone Dura Chew might be their perfect match. It’s a ring nylon toy with dents and curves that will keep the pup busy. This is effective in diverting destructive chewing into less damaging habits.

This Nylabone chew toy satisfies the urge of large pups to chew. It has a tasty flavor that Nylabone calls as the Flavor Medley. I’m not really sure what the ingredients are but my dogs seem to love it and there are no problems since.

Again, this is NOT an edible chew toy. If it’s starting to tear into pieces, get a replacement right away.

The ring is a bit heavy and not really ideal as a fetch toy. It’s really for chewing only. By the way, I don’t recommend these to small breeds because the nylon material is tougher than other toys here. If you have a Goldie that’s close to adulthood, this is a wise buy for a toy.

The only thing that I don’t like with this toy is it develops scratchy edges. Whenever my pooch brings it on the carpet or the sofa, it leaves scratches and snags. This is just a small issue, though.

For dog owners who don’t have the money to splurge on expensive chew toys, this Nylabone piece is a big saver. It can last for a few months based on my experience.


✔️Meaty flavor

✔️Textured ring

✔️Strong nylon material




❌Develops rough edges that can scratch carpets and sofas


Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys Starter Packs

best chew toys for puppiesAnother chew toy that I like from Nylabone is their Puppy Starter Pack. It contains three bones where one is edible. These are made for gentle chewing and easing the sore gums of teething puppies.

The first pink-colored bone has chicken flavor and is made for soft chewers or younger pups. Next, the white-colored bone is a bit tougher. It also has a chicken flavor but designed for pups with fully erupted permanent teeth.

Lastly, the Edible Chew Treat has a lamb and apple flavor and rich in DHA as well as Omega-3. This chew treat is only suitable for pups that are at least three months old.

I suggest that you clean the two nylon bones after every chewing session. It can get really slobbered. It will be smelly and can attract lint and dust.

As for the flavor, my dogs can’t stop chomping on it, especially the edible chew treat. Take note that you can’t choose the flavor of the edible treat included in this set.

If the two nylon bones are already worn out, toss it to the bin and get a replacement. You wouldn’t want an unscheduled visit to the ER due to ingested nylon.

Based on my experience, this holds up well to small canines. I suggest that you follow the progression indicated in the packaging.


✔️3 toys in one pack

✔️Includes an edible toy

✔️Perfect for pre and post-teething phase



❌The nylon bones chips over time


Petstages Dogwood Chew Toy

best chew toys for puppiesThe last chew toy in this roundup is the Petstages Dogwood Chew Toy. The main thing that attracted me to purchase this before is the fancy wood look. It’s actually made from some real wood and adhesive. Personally, my dog didn’t have any adverse reaction to it.

It’s a great alternative to real sticks. You can use it to play fetch or for basic chewing. This comes in Mesquite BBQ flavor aside from the original flavor.

This wooden chew comes in four sizes: petite, small, medium, and large. Make sure that the size suits your pup.

When it comes to durability, mine just shredded a bit after the first month of letting my Beagle chomp on it. Of course, no toy will last forever, even those that are marketed as indestructible. Also, each dog will have different chewing strengths.

They key here is to monitor your dog’s chewing habits. This isn’t an edible toy but many pet owners (including me) didn’t have problems with dogs ingesting small parts. Still, following what’s indicated on the label is the best thing to do.

Personally, I would prefer this wooden stick than the plastic bones if my dog is really a master chewer. It’s also cheap and you can afford a few pieces lying around.


✔️Made with real wood

✔️Flavorful sticks

✔️100% made in the USA

✔️Long-lasting than plastic toys



❌It sheds little splinters (not sharp)



Why are puppy chew toys important?

Chewing is a natural behavior of dogs, more so of puppies. Canines explore their environment through their mouth. So whenever a curious pup encounters a new or interesting item, endless chewing ensues.

Also, pups will still be teething. The discomfort they feel on their gums are soothed by chewing household items if not given proper chew toys.

Another reason why pups chew is that their pet owners don’t keep them busy. Dogs from herding, retrieving, and working groups need something to be busy at. If not, they will vent their energy into destructive chewing.

So what is the purpose of chew toys? To fix all of these mentioned causes. Chew toys will ease teething discomfort and it will keep a doggo engaged.

Chew toys help stimulate your dog’s mental and physical activities. But just like kids, pups can get bored with their toys. This is why variety is a must.

Types of chew toys

*Rubber toys

Rubber toys like KONG hold up well against sharp teeth. It also lets the teeth of puppies bury into it which relaxes the gums and scrapes off plaque.

However, most rubber toys aren’t flavored but they can be designed to be a treat dispensing toy. This will keep the toy more interesting for puppies.

*Nylon bones

Nylon like most of the products Nylabone offers is an affordable choice. It can be infused with flavors too so puppies will find it more appealing.

Always ensure that the nylon toy you’re buying is durable and won’t chip easily.

*Edible toys

Edible toys are probably the safest option for dogs that are notorious aggressive chewers. These can be shaped like bones and infused with meaty flavors.  Most chew toys act as dental chews that help reduce tartar and plaque buildup.

The only thing you have to remember with edible toys is the ingredients used in it.


Balls are basic toys but it never fails to catch the attention of playful puppies. For a chaser, ball chew toys are better than bone types. The only issue with ball toys is that it can get stuck on the jaw of a doggo.

Also, if your pooch can destroy a tennis ball, you’d have to look for a super durable ball toy.

*Rope toys

Rope toys are typically used for tug-of-war games. Some are designed to clean the teeth. However, since it doesn’t taste as good as flavored nylons, some dogs may get tired of it.

All these types of chew toys will keep a puppy busy. However, it’s important that you supervise your pet every single time that you will give them a toy. All toys can be choking hazards without the guidance of a dog owner.

Things to consider

When buying chew toys, always keep the following aspects in mind:

*Entertainment value

Chew toys that bounce, smells good, and produce movements are interesting for puppies. Remember, you’d want to keep your dog busy to prevent them from chewing the sofa or your shoe.

*Dental care benefits

The biggest bonus to chew toys is it has dental benefits. Rubber toys and nylon toys with dents and texture are some of the good examples. Choose a toy that’s BPA-free as well.

*Size and design

Always size up your pup’s chew toy based on his body size. Too big or it will be difficult to chew. Too small or it will be a choking hazard. At all cost, avoid toy with squeakers since your pup will likely swallow these removable parts.


Continuous chewing can cause rubber and nylon bones to shred. Make sure that the durability of the materials is always at par with your dog’s chewing power.


Look for the most stinky and flavorful dog chew toy for your pup. This will keep them interested in the toy.


When it comes to the best chew toys for puppies, safety and quality are the two most important aspects to remember. Also, avoid toys that resemble household items and don’t give your pooch stuffed toys. It will only take a few moments for it to get ripped.

Most of all, don’t skimp on quality. Even if it will cost more, high-quality chew toys remain to be the safest.

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