Best Car Seat for Puppies – My Top 5 Picks!

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Taking your new pup on outdoor adventures is an exciting idea. However, hopping into a car and taking long trips aren’t always an enjoyable experience for all puppies. They can suffer from motion sickness and they are at risk of sustaining injuries if you suddenly hit the brakes. To prevent this, you should invest in the best car seat for puppies complete with tethers and seatbelt slots.

Below, I reviewed five of the best picks together with a buying guide to help you choose the right one for your pooch without any delay.

Snoozer Luxury Lookout II
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Kurgo Car Dog
Booster Seat
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Petsfit Dog Car
Seat with Tethers
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K&H Products Pet
Bucket Car Seat
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PetSafe Happy Ride
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Benefits of using a car seat for your puppy

Many newbie pet owners don’t recognize the value of car seats until their dogs encounter injuries. If you’re not convinced about getting this equipment, the following benefits might change your mind:

  • It keeps your dog safe. Like car seats for kids, those made for dogs are intended to keep the canine safe. It usually has leash tethers connected to the pup’s collar or harness. This way, the doggo will not be ejected into the windshield in case an accident occurs or when you suddenly hit the brakes.
  • It keeps you focused. Nothing is more distracting than an energetic pup trying to get your attention in the middle of the expressway. This can cause accidents that could potentially hurt someone else. It’s best to put your dog on a car seat complete with tethers to prevent this.
  • It protects your car. Puppies are fond of scratching and chewing, which can destroy your car’s upholstery. With this, the best car seat for puppies will serve as a protective layer.
  • It lets the pup see the road. Many dog car seats also serve as bolsters so your pup will see the road. It will beat motion sickness since the sceneries will distract the pooch. Also, you can safely crack the window open knowing that your doggo can’t jump since it’s tethered to the seat.

If you’re looking for reliable car seats, the options below will not disappoint:

Best Car Seat for Puppies – My Top 5 Picks!


MY TOP PICK: Snoozer Luxury Lookout II Dog Car Seat
best car seat for puppies

Product Name: Snoozer Luxury Lookout II Dog Car Seat

Product Description: My top pick for the best car seat for puppies is the Snoozer Luxury Lookout II. This is an elevated bolster that lets your pup see the window while you drive. It’s designed for doggos up to 25 lbs. though you can always get the bigger size if your pooch is a large breed. Moreover, this car seat is made of firm foam with a zippered cover that’s easy to clean. There’s also a detachable pillow so you can prop your dog properly.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money


This car seat has a seatbelt channel so you can secure it on the backseat. It ensures that your dog is secure as it enjoys the view. Aside from that, this seat comes with a strap that you can connect to the lap belt of your seatbelt and into your dog’s harness. Remember, never use collars as this can choke the dog.

Overall, this is a well-made dog car seat. It prevents your dog from jumping off the window or disturbing you in the front seat. Many people who have the Snoozer Luxury Lookout has been using it for years now, which is proof of its quality.


Detachable pillow for the height boost

Compatible with seatbelts

Firm foam and durable cover


I think they can make the sides sturdier


Kurgo Car Dog Booster Seat

best car seat for puppies

If you’re looking for a bucket car seat that’s compatible with the front seat, you should consider the one from Kurgo. This is very easy to install since it already comes with metal supports, straps, and tethers to keep your pooch safe. Take note that this is designed for small breeds of up to 30 lbs.

Inside the bucket, there’s a removable and washable pad and liner. There’s also a waterproof exterior to prevent any mess from getting into your car seat. The bonus part is its zippered storage pockets where you can stash small toys and items for your pet.

To install this on your car seat, you simply have to hang it on the headrest using the strap with buckles. You can adjust the length to suit the height you prefer. There’s also a strap that runs around the car seat to secure the bottom part.

Aside from that, this dog car seat comes with a seat belt tether that you can connect to the dog’s harness.

Overall, this dog car and booster seat are well worth the price. However, it only works for cars with a prominent headrest.

  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Zippered storage
  • Suitable for car headrests only

Petsfit Dog Car Seat with Tethers

best car seat for puppies

If you have multiple pups to take on a ride, I suggest that you get the Petsfit Dog Car Seat. This is suitable for small to medium dogs, complete with two leashes to secure the dogs during the ride.

This is made of soft material with a plush liner to keep the pooch relaxed inside. The cover is removable and machine-washable. Also, you can flip the cover with a plush side to keep your dog warm during winter.

To install this in your car, you just have to wound the seatbelt on the two straps located at the back of the seat. There’s also an adjustable strap that goes through the car headrest for added stability. And to secure two pups at a time, there are two harness tethers built into the car seat.

In addition, there are two front pockets where you can store some treats, dog leash, toys, and other small items for your pooch.

If you only have one dog, you can get the smaller version of the Petsfit car seat. It works seamlessly like the two-capacity option but for a lower cost. Also, this is available in brown and gray colors to suit your preference.

  • Dual-purpose liner
  • Two leashes for two pups
  • Front pockets for storage
  • I wish they can make the bed surface thicker

K&H Products Pet Bucket Car Seat

The K&H Products Bucket Car Seat has always been my favorite choice for my Pug. It’s plush and has the right elevation for small dogs to look through the window. I also like the high back and thick sides that give my dog a burrowing effect.

To install this in your car, you simply have to loop the seat belt on the holes under the removable seat cushion. This will keep the car seat in place even as you hit the brakes abruptly.

Aside from that, this comes with two tether hooks, perfect for two small dogs or one medium-sized canine. The length of the tether is adjustable to suit the comfort level of your dog.

What I really like about this booster seat for dogs is that it’s compatible with both the back and front seats. It gives you the freedom to position your dog on the spot where you can monitor it properly.

Overall, this dog car seat is well-made and covered by a one-year limited warranty. You can also choose from gray, camo, and tan colors to suit the upholstery of your car.

  • Thick and tall sides
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Two leash tethers
  • The color fades over time

PetSafe Happy Ride Jumbo Dog Car Seat

The PetSafe Happy Ride is an excellent investment if you’re tired of flimsy dog car seats. This has a rigid plastic frame that’s very easy to assemble. There are no tools required since each part snaps in place pretty easily. Overall, this frame can hold up to 30 lbs., which is enough for small to medium-sized pups.

Moreover, this car seat has a quilted liner and a cushion pillow to elevate your pet. It will allow your pooch to see through the window comfortably. Aside from that, the cover is removable and machine-washable for your convenience.

To install this on your car, simply loop the seatbelt through PetSafe’s patented Safe-T-Core plastic frame. And to make sure that your dog won’t jump out, there’s a tether with a carabiner connection you’ll attach to the seatbelt of your car.

Overall, this booster car seat elevates your dog for up to 9 inches for a clearer window view. For a lower price as compared to other options, this is already a wise buy. Besides, the rigid plastic frame really lasts for a long time.

The only thing I noticed here is that the cover isn’t easy to put on the frame. Other than that, this is a reliable dog car seat that will last pretty long.

  • Rigid plastic frame
  • Washable cover made of canvas and lambskin
  • Carabiner strap included
  • The cover is hard to put on

How to choose a car seat for puppies

Finding the best car seat for puppies isn’t really hard if you know what to look for. The following are just some of the things you should consider:


The first thing you should consider is the size of the car seat. It should have space to accommodate your dog and enough allowance for the pooch to move around and lie down.

Most of the time, manufacturers of dog car seats have sizing based on the dog’s weight and breed range. This should make it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your pet.

✔️Safety features

The second most important part of a dog car seat is its safety features. To keep it simple, there are two features to look for: a seatbelt loop and a leash tether.

The seatbelt loop or channel will let you attach the booster into the car seat snugly. Those with straps also work, but make sure that it’s durable and can withstand wear and tear.

Next, you should look for a tether that you’ll connect to your dog’s harness. This will prevent your dog from jumping off the window or falling off the seat. Remember that you should only use tethers on harnesses and not on collars.

You also have the option to get a dog car seat with more than one tether so you can secure two pups at once. However, make sure that there’s enough space to house both of them.


Most dog car seats have cardboard or vinyl frames inside. This works well as long as the external fabric and padding are properly sewn. You can also opt for plastic frames, though this is prone to chipping if not handled well.

Aside from that, you should also check the material on the outside. It should be plush and comfortable for your dog. Most of all, it should be removable and machine-washable for added convenience.

Lastly, there should be some kind of padding to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Firm foam is a common option since it’s cheaper and lasts longer.

✔️Ease of use

You wouldn’t want a dog car seat that takes forever to install. Make sure that the one you’ll get will snap snugly on the car seat in an instant. This will save you from the hassle, especially if you’re in a rush.

Avoid dog car seats with too many straps and complicated webbing. Most of these will soon become damaged due to wear and tear.


Lastly, consider the price of the dog car seat you’re planning to get. While it’s easy to opt for the cheapest option, you’ll save more money if you’ll invest in a durable unit. This is because you won’t have to purchase multiple replacements too often. Also, it will ensure that your dog is safe at all times. You can’t put a price on safety.

Final words

The best car seat for puppies will keep your dog safe and happy on every ride. Just make sure that you get a unit with excellent safety features and topnotch quality. You should also consider the comfort level and durability of the car seat.

What do you think of the dog car seats I reviewed here? Which one do you prefer for your dog? Share your thoughts below!

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